Since 1989, the Surrey Place Foundation has provided vital funding for Surrey Place to continue its mission of helping people of all ages with developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorder and visual impairments to thrive in their everyday lives.  

With the support of a growing donor community, the Foundation has been able to execute projects and initiatives that create better tomorrows for everyone. Its efforts continue to be focused on raising funds to enhance existing and innovative programs, the provision of toys, tools, and specialized equipment to clients who may have complex needs and to provide financial assistance to clients with specific economic challenges.  

In order to ensure that clients and their families can continue to strive for independence, the Surrey Place Foundation relies on your generosity. Despite the strides made over the past 32 years, the Foundation is facing three specific challenges:  

  1. Growing demand for service and increased client complexities 
  2. Ensuring our programs and services remain flexible to meet the diverse needs of our clients and their families 
  3. Bridging gaps in services and funding for clients and families facing financial challenges  

With every advancement in new initiatives – made possible by generous donors like you – the Foundation can continue building capacity to support Surrey Place.  

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